EJ Greenblat

"For me, photography relates to the classic term, "decisive moment".  
Accordingly, I seek the fleeting, be it a dance motion or a unique combination of light and composition..."


March-April 2010, "Isolation"

July-August 2009, Small Gallery:  "Parade"

January 2 - February 8, 2009:  "Sanctuary"

October 12 November 8, 2007:
"Living to an Eight-Count: A Celebration of Dance"


October 2006 Show
"People, Places and Just One Monkey"

July 14 - August 21,  2005 Show
"A Tribute to the Princeton Fire Department"

January 2005 Show
 "A Taste of New Orleans"

February-March 2004 Show:
"Strength and Sensuality"


Contact email: egreenblat@verizon.net