Larry Parsons

January 8 - February 7, 2016 Exhibit:
"Funny Face Time"


"Turkey ... Leftovers"

'round Rodin

'round Rodin from Larry Parsons on Vimeo.

"Dancing Lights"


February 10 to March 11, 2012 Exhibit:
"Variations on Greek Urns, Ghosts, and Myths"

November 26 to December 18, 2011 Exhibit:
African Children

November 19 to December 19, 2010 Exhibit:
Variations on Sol Lewitt

This exhibit originated by photographing the Sol Lewitt Collection, at MassMOCA North Adams, MA., which is on a long term loan from Yale University. While some of the art in this LeWitt collection is linear and geometric, the colors, shapes and lines interact with each other. The images in this exhibit "play" with the interaction of these colors, shapes, and lines making varying but coordinated illusions. The images were created by moving the camera, and by using Photoshop techniques allowing the photographer to reinterpret the original work. His vision is of the motion he sees in the paintings, exploring that motion in the camera, thereby transforming it. These pictures vibrate with colors and a sense of movement.

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