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May 23 to June 22, 2014 Exhibit:

Story Hour

June 7 to July 7, 2013 Exhibit:

Into the Garden: Hand-colored gel transfers of photographs of gardens

October 28 - November 20, 2011 Exhibit: About Books

People and their Libraries

Books that Teach


Children's Books

The Future of Books

This exhibit grew out of a workshop assignment to photograph one object in ten different ways. The object Weintraub chose was her college textbook of Shakespeare's Complete Works. After the workshop, Weintraub decided to explore photographically her love of books, beginning with those on her own shelves.
The exhibit is divided into several sections: "People and Their Book Collections," "Books that Teach," "Books as Art," "Children's Books,""Shakespeare," and "The Future of Books."
Books that Teach. Reference books include atlases, math textbooks, birding books, and so forth. Weintraub illustrates a few subjects that books from her own shelves teach: birds, mathematics, geography, travel, photography.
Books as Art. Her research led Weintraub into a rather large field of books as art. She was inspired to make her own photo-based art works. Children's Books. Weintraub loved reading to her children and now to her grandchildren. When she was a freelance editor, one of her most enjoyable assignments was to read and evaluate several children's books. Imagine getting paid for this!
The Future of Books. With the advent of e-readers, the future of books is much harder to predict than it has been since the invention of movable type. Some books, such as technical manuals meant for a small audience, are now published only electronically.
Other categories of books, such as mass market paperbacks, may soon follow. But Weintraub thinks - and very much hopes - that illustrated children's books and art and photography books will be published in traditional paper form.
People and Their Libraries. The portraits in this section are of people with a passion for books. Some individuals would confess that they love everything about books from the words to the smell of the pages.

September-October 2010 Exhibit:

March-April 2010 Exhibit:


July-August 2009 Exhibit:
Still Lifes with Fruit

November-December 2008 Exhibit:
Paranormal Parfumerie

September, 2007 Exhibit:
The Shore Re-imagined

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September, 2005 Exhibit: 
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