Portfolio Submission


Portfolio Review Guidelines for Guest Exhibitors and New Members

Gallery 14 is seeking guest exhibitors as well as prospective new members. The Gallery exhibits a wide range of photographic styles and techniques, from alternative processes such as platinum-palladium to contemporary digital imaging. We encourage both color and black-and-white photographers to submit portfolios.

Portfolios should consist of 10 to 15 images and should demonstrate the photographer's ability to produce a body of work representing a single coherent theme or should present an ongoing photographic project, suitable for an exhibit in the Gallery. The portfolio should reflect the photographerís artistry and original creative expression. Consider including a few additional images that represent different creative styles or subject matter to round out your application for membership.

Submissions may either be made either as electronic files or physical prints. If electronic files are submitted, some examples of physical prints will be reviewed before a final decision about membership or a guest exhibit is made in order to assure that the physical presentation will be of acceptable quality.

The prints should be presented in either a portfolio box or in book format for ease of review. These prints will be handled by many people, so we recommend replaceable prints no larger than 11x14 inches. If matted prints are submitted, they should be labeled with the photographerís name and address and placed in protective clear covers, preferably also in a portfolio box to ensure their safety.

Each person submitting a portfolio for review should also submit a photographic CV including a list of exhibits and/or publications, along with an artistís statement (of no more than one page) that provides information about the artistís photographic interests and techniques. The artistís statement may provide other information the artist believes is relevant to participation in the gallery as a guest exhibitor or member. The artistís statement should also indicate the medium used and the final exhibition size anticipated for the prints.

Prospective members should be producing sufficient work to refresh the memberís personal bin on display in the Gallery, at the rate of one to two photographs per month. Members should also produce approximately one original exhibit per year, consisting of about 15 images. Members are expected to participate actively in gallery group exhibits and gallery committees and activities.

Members support the gallery both through their participation and through financial contributions. Responsibilities include gallery sitting on a regular basis, attending periodic business meetings, and paying a monthly cash assessment that supports the gallery. All members have an equal voice in the management and operation of the Gallery.

For further information, details of membership and exhibiting, and examples of current membersí work, visit the Gallery on Saturdays or Sundays, 12:00 to 5:00 PM or by appointment. You may also visit the Web site at www.photogallery14.com, send an email to galleryfourteen@yahoo.com, or contact Martha Weintraub at (908) 359-0126.


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